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Good art, terrible everything else

The art in this flash was good. It had good character animation and the sounds were synced well. But the story was terrible. Also poop and fart jokes are not funny. At least almost always they are not. Get better ideas before you make another one.


This was really good. The only problem is that after his eyes go evil red and he slices the ninja up it goes to the shot of his blood being all over the ground and then one of those illegal error boxes comes up and I have to end task the flash. So I cannot see the end of the movie. It always does it at that same exact spot.

What was up with the subliminal messages?

Every time the scenes skip there some time fram writtin in the top corner, such as:

One Minute
Fourty-Five Seconds

What was the point in that?

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Feels like a Beta version

Great concept for a game but it feels unfinished and unpolished. Almost like and Alpha or Beta version.

The evolution points formula doesn't seem to make any sense. A virus or anything evolves as it multiplies, and as such the more people infected the more points you should have, except that's not how it works. It seems to be time based, such that as long as new people are infected, or dying every 3 ticks you get more points with diminishing returns as the game progresses. As such it makes sense to sell all symptoms and have the lowest visibility/infection spreadability as possible and just sit there to gain evo points.

The way the virus spreads is weird too, as it will pretty much never spread to another country unless its reached a critical number in a home country. As if 1 out of the 10,000 already infected is never someone who goes to another country.

Countries will continue to shut down airports, close boarders, switch to bottled water and so forth even when every person in the country is infected.

Countries will start closing boarders, airports, harbors, even when there is no visibility, no symptoms, and no lethality.

It's a good concept and could be a great game, but as it is its only okay.

What is up with the game mechanics?

I'm a little confused. The vaccine is finished and being distributed to the states with the most infected people. Almost all my states have either no infected or are declining yet for some reason in states that have little to no deaths or infected there is looting and rioting for no reason. Suddenly despite most of the country being immunized and everything getting better almost every uninfected state just starts looting and rioting for no reason. Doesn't make any sense. It's a great concept and I can tell you put a lot of work into this. I think you just need to tweek the game mechanics.

Nice game but needs a few adjustment to be great

This is a nice concept. It was made well and runs pretty smoothly even when there are tons of units on the field. I do have some suggestions should you choose to remake this or make a number 2.

1. Get rid of the unit stun when they get hit. Some units attack slow, others fast, and units can get into a stun lock so they don't attack as often as they should or even at all. When I upgraded all the arrow towers I could just hold down all four buttons and all but the biggest 2 enemy units couldn't move at all.

2. For the most part some of the upgrades are completely useless. The tower cannon, and the trap in my opinion are not worth anything. Neither are the castle health upgrade or the barrier except on the final boss.

3. The arrows you shoot are overpowered. If you use them right you pretty much only need your units for offense and not defense.

4. Aside from the first couple levels the beginning units are pointless. For the rest of the game both yours and the enemies are totally ineffective for anything. Figure out a way, probably using the upgrades that they can still be used for... something.

5. Set a maximum exp you can earn on each level. Otherwise you can simply leave the enemy castle alone and just keep killing units to get exp.

6. It was too easy. The only part I ever thought I might lose on was the final boss.

Don't get me wrong. It is still a good game and it is well made. I think that if these suggestions were implemented well this game would be excellent.

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Wonderful loop. I use it as my morning alarm now. Very peaceful to wake up to.

DJ-xTc if it's not too much trouble could you post the sheet music or plot it out on Synthesia or something similar? I like to play around on the keyboard sometimes and it would be so much fun to teach myself to play this!

Dreamy but with an edge

Great song, good melody and instrument use. Only critique would be that at the heaviest parts it can sound slightly unclean, or muddled. It's barely noticeable and in fact may be in my head. In any case the song is excellent! Please make more!

deadlyfishes responds:

Hmm... If you could only see my process of recording this song. I've tested this the final mix of this song in a professional mixing studio, many high-end speakers and headphone monitors. It's probably in your head or the way your speakers are set up. Anyways, I'm glad you liked the music! Stay updated for more soon!

No way I'm pausing this :)

This was beautiful and very relaxing. The only critique I have would be that when that short vocal clip came in I was hoping there would be more to it, as vocals in an
ambient piece like this can be marvelous if done well.

Anyways great song, please don't stop making them!

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